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About us

Our Mission: Personal support, easy to use tools and trusted information to help employers and consumers reduce the cost, complexity and uncertainty of today’s healthcare system.

HooPayz is your dedicated partner – helping members find high-quality, affordable providers so they receive the right care and make the most of their benefits.

Our team understands healthcare and how quickly and unexpectedly any one of us can become a patient. 

Twenty years ago, HooPayz CEO & Founder, Susan Lang, was badly injured when she was hit by another driver on her way to a board meeting. In the blink of eye Susan went from being a healthcare executive to a patient.

Following her accident, Susan not only had to work on her physical and mental recovery from the accident, she now also had to deal with the stress and confusion from the pile of medical bills. It was at this time that Susan realized the absolute necessity for advocacy in healthcare and a few years later HooPayz was born.

Our leadership team

Susan L. Lang

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Debbie Sanders

Chief Operating Officer

Karen Baer

Chief Financial Officer

Natalie Meyer


Beth Miller

Vice President, Client Engagement

Brittney Tierce

Vice President, Operations


HooSaves Rx is brought to you by HooPayz, LLC. HooPayz is an advocacy & financial wellness company dedicated to protecting your health benefit offerings. 


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